Molly Rice – Durant HS Plant City, FL

Earlier this year The Peter R. Marsh Foundation recognized Molly Rice at Durant HS in Plant City, FL with our Silent Servant Scholarship Award. Our hope is that schools will use the presentation of our Award to create what we call a “teachable moment” that will inspire other students to experience the personal satisfaction that comes from serving others.

We’d now like to thank Tamara Shaw, the Durant Counselor who nominated Molly, and for all that Durant HS is doing to recognize and reward empathy and selfless service in their students. Here is an email we received from Counselor Shaw:

Dear Peter Marsh Foundation –

Just wanted to thank you again for your support of our students! I want to share some of the PR and positive news with you that has come from these awards.  Attached is a couple pictures of our principal recognizing Molly Rice and Aidan Welsh in front of our entire school at our first pep rally. 

There was a very nice article in our local paper about the scholarship program that was done on Molly and she even received a very nice letter from our local Congressman. We will also recognize Molly at our Senior end of the year awards ceremony.

Thanks again,

Tammy Shaw
DHS Counselor Last Names MO-R

Below is some of what Ms. Shaw wrote about Molly:

“Molly has an incredible servant’s heart and is the epitome of a phenomenal student leader, but rarely gets recognized for all her selfless acts. She serves as a tutor to middle school students, volunteers with the Gowns for Girls, a business providing dresses for girls in need, and with the Beth-el Mission feeding migrant workers and families.

I have gotten to know her quite well both as her counselor the last four years and as her club sponsor. Molly initiated and created the Environmental Club at our school and has been the President for the last two years. In this role she educates fellow students about environmental concerns, works to make us a greener campus, and organizes community clean-ups for our members. @durant_highschool

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Georgia On My Mind…

I’m honored to be heading back to Georgia tomorrow to Keynote the Georgia Association of Educational Leaders, GAEL, Fall Conference. GAEL is the organization that provides unity of school leadership groups in Georgia. It is a statewide “umbrella” organization, composed of seven professional affiliate associations that represent all levels of school leadership.

I will be speaking about my book, The Chemistry of Culture, which documents my work with Farrington High School in Kalihi, HI. Farrington was a 3-time National Model School for their highly collaborative and empowered culture.

In the Hawaiian language there is only one word for both teaching and Learning: A’0. Their cultural tradition sees teaching and learning as the two sides of one coin, and when one learns something, they also acquire a responsibility to share it with others. At Farrington HS, everyone is learning, teaching, and sharing. Aloha….

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2022-23 Silent Servant Scholarship Awards

The Peter R. Marsh Foundation is now receiving nominations for the 2022-23 Silent Servant Scholarship Awards. We are proud to recognize students like Tyler Baldwin below, of Braxton County HS in Sutton, WV, who rushed into his neighbor’s blazing home in the middle of the night and saved the elderly and disabled man’s life by carrying him to safety.

But your nominee does’t have to be a real-life Super Hero like Tyler. All across America high school stduents are performing amazing acts of empathetic community service. By engaging in public service, students acquire empathy and compassion. We know such selfless service provides them personal self-worth and produces greater academic success.  As adults, these student-servants become able parents and productive members of society.

Our Scholarship is not a contest. You know who your Silent Servants are. Schools, counselors, teachers and administrators choose their winners by sending us a Nomination Form. It’s simple, fast and free. All you have to do is fill out this short form:

Tyler Baldwin

On November 29th, 2021 Tyler Baldwin showed himself to be a true hero. Upon being alerted that his elderly neighbor’s home was on fire and knowing that the gentleman could not walk very well, Tyler ran across the road and into the burning house to help. Tyler was able to carry the gentleman to safety.

But long before this heroic young man saved a life, Tyler was looked up to by his peers for always thinking of others. He remains the kind and empathetic student that is loved by all who know him at Braxton County High in Sutton, WV. He is a true Silent Servant!

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Washougal HS 2022 Silent Servant Winners

Congratulations to Washougal High School 2022 Silent Servant Award winners Savea Mansfield, Mary and Elisabeth Lendvoyi for your oustanding contribution to your community. Your empathetic service while helping others is a powerful example for us all.

The Peter R. Marsh Foundation believes that private citizens who selflessly and quietly serve others are indeed the most valuable citizens of their communities and our Foundation is proud to recognize you!

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The Peter R. Marsh Foundation

The Peter R. Marsh Foundation believes that private citizens who selflessly and quietly serve others are indeed the most valuable citizens of their communities and our Foundation maintains 3 important Initiatives to support them.

We provide two Silent Servant Award programs to encourage selfless service to others by identifying these Silent Servants, recognizing and awarding them for their service, encouraging them to continue their important community role and to inspire others to experience the personal fulfillment of living as a Silent Servant. Nominations for either the Community Silent Servant Award or the Student Silent Servant Award can be submitted through the nomination forms provided on this website.

In addition, we offer Music Grants to public middle-school music teachers nationwide. The teachers determine how the Grant funds will be used to support music education in their schools.

Similar to the Foundation’s other award programs, the Music Grant also introduces music students to the personal values and rewards of community service. Requests for a Music Grant can also be submitted through the Grant Request Form provided on our website:

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Zaniyah Williams – Vanguard HS, Ocala, FL

Zaniyah Williams has volunteered countless hours in service to her community. From feeding the homeless, caring for animals, tutoring others, and becoming President of Vanguard High School’s Pink Ladies & T-Birds Service Club, Zaniyah has become a consistent, reliable, open-minded, and hardworking young woman. Leading the Service Club has taught her that everyone’s opinions and viewpoints matter. “There is no I in team, she says”.

Zaniyah has been a member of Vanguard’s Pink Ladies & T-Birds Service Club four years now, and each year she became more involved. She helped donate more to the less fortunate and volunteered more of her time. She says one of her favorite activities has been donating Christmas gifts to foster children.

Zaniyah’s favorite place to volunteer is Advent Health in Ocala. Volunteering at Advent Health reminds her of her grandfather Joseph Haynes Jr. who passed away in 2010. She says, “My grandfather’s passing has inspired me to work in the field of cancer research, namely, as an oncology physician assistant. Knowing that there was nothing else hospice and my family could do, channeled an inspiration in me to help find a cure. I found my grandfather’s diagnosis quite unfair and am devoted to finding some method to combat the disease so no other individual would have to endure what he experienced.”

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Nashalee Morales – Ephrata HS, Ephrata, PA

Teachers and students at Ephrata HS in Ephrata, PA say Nashalee Morales is a joy to have as part of their community. She leads by example. She believes in serving others and her smile and positivity is infectious. She has been deeply involved in the following service groups at her school

In Gears: Nashalee helps organize and promote health and wellness activities which link her school with both our district and community. As a leader in Mini-Thon, she promotes opportunities for students to be empowered as community leaders in the fight to conquer childhood cancer. She helps organize fundraisers and distribute information.

The EHS Link Crew is a group of students who help incoming freshmen and new students transition to life at EHS. This club works closely with the School Counselors and Nashalee is always willing to go the extra mile to help someone feel comfortable and get connected.​

Finally, Friends of Rachel is a group that focuses on empowering youth to be positive role models not only with their friends and in school, but also in the community. Congratulations Nashalee, a true Silent Servant!

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Jane Wiley and Luke Barner – Edgewater HS, Orlando

Jane Wiley has been an active servant in her community for several years. As a member of Teens United Florida Chapter, she organizes and leads various volunteering activities throughout the Orlando community twice a month.

These activities include delivering up to 250 pre-packed lunches and hygiene bags to the homeless, organizing and operating drive-thru food drives, and maintaining and facilitating communication among members. Jane has also been a volunteer at the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando since December 2019, where she organizes, hosts, and manages pet supply drives to accumulate donations for the Pet Alliance.

Jane collects pet supplies such as food, collars, etc. and delivers them to the organization. Since February 2020, Jane has also volunteered her time at Second Harvest Food Bank. Here, she examines, sorts, and organizes food donations to be distributed to those in need throughout the Orlando community. Jane has made community service a part of who she is. The various organizations and social issues that she helps to address display her caring spirit and well-roundedness.

Luke Barner has served as a Capernaum Volunteer since 2018. Capernaum volunteers give young people with disabilities the chance to have fun, make friends, develop self-esteem. Luke has befriended many teens with developmental disabilities and helped them make it through the pandemic.

As a Capernaum Volunteer, Luke has been a Mentor, Camp Counselor and Group Leader. He not only works as a “buddy” but also collaboratively plans and facilitates group events for Capernaum. He aids students in academic tutoring and social development. He was the first high school Group Leader since 2020. Overall, Luke is just a fantastic student and always willing to lend a hand to those around him!

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MasterMind Appointment

I’m proud to announce I’ve been named a MasterMind and joined the team of educational visionaries at KP Publishing! KP stands for, putting Knowledge into Practice. Using gamification and Artificial Intelligence, KP does just that while making learning more engaging and effective.

20 years ago, when KP Started, content in education was flat and little innovation had occurred.  There was little evidence of innovative thinking related to instructional practices and materials. Even as the world continues to dramatically transform, very little has changed in the way teachers teach and students consume education materials.

KP believes There is a great opportunity for innovation! I’m proud to now be a part of the MasterMind team making that happen! KP Visionary Team — KP Publishing Universe (

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Jayden Acoba – 2022 Silent Servant Award Winner

Jayden Acoba of Farrington HS in Kalihi, HI is an outstanding student who was recently accepted to attend Harvard University! As a member of Malama Mentors, he meets with elementary school students once a week to provide moral support and offer guidance to the young students. He enjoys being a positive role model to disadvantaged youth in Kalihi.

Jayden also takes part in Youth Leaders in Training, where he models servant leadership. During the pandemic, he passed out thousands of masks to the community. He visited one of the local elderly clinics to deliver the care packages, which he helped make.

When the pandemic first hit, through the Waiwai program he worked with the local YMCA to distribute free meals to the community. He also helped to maintain a local farm which was used to provide for needy people at Kokua Kalihi Valley clinic.

In school, Jayden serves as the Class of 2022 Class Council President. He was also Class President the last two school years – his sophomore and junior years in high school He is also HOSA Vice President and National Honor Society Vice President. Last but not least, he is a member of our FHS Cheer squad! The Peter Marsh Foundation is proud to recognize Jayden Acoba with a 2022 Student Silent Servant Award!

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