Fix Your Culture First

During my 50 years in education, I never followed a traditional career path. I’ve done about everything along the way, from Pre-School teacher to State Superintendent, but always searching for new ways to engage, motivate, and inspire learners, both young and old.

In my new role as Program Director at the Peter R. Marsh Foundation I think I’ve finally found my dream job! My primary mission is to give away money and awards recognizing high school students for service to their communities. Our Foundation goals are to promote service learning and help schools improve Social Emotional Skills in a positive way.

I now focus my work on helping schools to build a better, more empathetic culture by giving them a simple, free way to positively reinforce and reward empathetic student behavior. We do this with our Silent Servant Award. Our goals are:

  • Identify and publicly recognize a student who is selflessly serving their school or community
  • Teach all students that serving others is a key element of a successful life
  • Cultivate empathy, self-worth, and personal fulfillment throughout the student body

Maybe you know a school that would be interested? It’s not a contest. Schools choose the winners. Find more information at:

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