Fix Your Culture First

As an educator, I did not follow the traditional career path. I was always searching for new ways to engage and motivate my students. In the mid 1980’s, I created WVHS, one of Florida’s first high school Television Production programs. WVHS eventually included a computer graphics suite, sound stage, control room, scene shop and offices for student staff. My students applied their skills serving our school and community by producing news, PSAs, commercials, short films, computer animations, and graphics. They won many national and state awards.

For a long time I believed technology could transform our schools. So I focused my speaking and coaching on try to help schools more effectively implement technology in innovative ways. But in listening to the many educators I’ve coached and trained over the years, I’ve learned that the biggest barrier to school improvement of any kind is culture. Your school’s culture is your school’s destiny. If your culture is broken, technology will not help you. Neither will new standards, curriculum, or shiny new programs.  You’re simply stuck.

So I now focus my speaking and coaching on helping schools build a better culture. A culture based on 3 things: Trust, empowerment, and collaboration. I will be posting more about that in this space.

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