Tyler Baldwin – Silent Servant Winner and Hero

In the middle of the night of November 29th, 2021 Tyler Baldwin proved himself to be a real life hero. Upon being alerted that his elderly neighbor’s home was on fire, and knowing that the gentleman could not walk very well, Tyler ran across the road and into the burning house to help. Tyler ran into the flames and was able to carry the gentleman to safety.

This heroic young man saved a life that morning while sustaining an injury to his hand and neck, even though he has no recollection of how he was injured. Tyler is very humble when asked about the incident or his bravery. He remains the calm and collected student known and loved by all at Braxton County High. He is a true Silent Servant. ​

Tyler is a dedicated member of the Law and Public Safety Career and and Technical Education pathway at Braxton County High School. He has an interest in joining the workforce as a community servant as either a DNR officer or fire fighter. Tyler is also a stellar baseball player and plays for the BCHS Eagles as the second baseman and pitcher, while also playing on a travel team year round. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys all activities that include hunting and fishing.

In school, Tyler is respected among his peers as he is always positive and willing to lend a helping hand. He can always be found hard at work no matter what environment or activity in which he is taking part. His teachers and coaches report that he is not only an excellent student in the classroom but is an all around good guy. The type the world needs more of.

About Jim Warford

Jim Warford is the author of, The Chemistry of Culture: Strategies You Can Use to Create a Culture of Learning. For 15 years Jim Warford was Senior Advisor and Keynote Speaker for the International Center for Leadership in Education. Jim is an author, speaker, Leadership and Instructional Coach. He was named in March 2003 as Florida’s first Chancellor of K12 Public Schools. He stepped down in September, 2005 to become Executive Director of the Florida Association of School Administrators, representing over 10,000 Florida school leaders. As a Senior Advisor for the International Center for Leadership in Education, he works with states, districts and schools to provide coaching and executive training and support to school leaders and their staffs. As Florida’s Chancellor, he led the creation and state-wide implementation of Florida’s Continuous Improvement Model, FCIM, which resulted in that state’s dramatic gains in student achievement and an 80% reduction in the number low-performing schools. FCIM remains Florida’s required intervention for all low-performing schools. As Superintendent of the Marion County, Florida Public Schools, he first implemented the Continuous Improvement Model district-wide. As a result, school grades went from three “F”, eight “D” and only one “A” school in 1999 to twenty “A”, 16 “B” and no “F” schools in 2003. Under his leadership the high school dropout rate was cut in half. He taught applied technology courses at the high school level for 17 years and created a Computer Graphics/Video Production program that won many national and state awards. He was named Vanguard High School Teacher of the Year three separate times.
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