New Partnership with Literal App

I’m proud to announce a new partnership with the Literal App in support of the Silent Servant Award given by the The Peter R. Foundation to high school students across America. Literal recognizes that our foundation… “works tirelessly to support high schools in their efforts to embed emotional/social intelligence in all their students”.

Literal recognizes our foundations’ effort to increase empathy by encouraging and rewarding student selfless community service are an effective strategy in reducing high school dropout rates.

They also recognize that reading is on the decline, and the decline has been increasing rapidly. Research shows clearly that poor reading skills are a major reason students drop out of high school.

Research reveals student brains are no longer wired for Black and White text. Teachers now face a new generation of readers who have been wired by social media to consume 150 characters and 90 second clips. 

Literal uniquely and, literally… puts books in a familiar and friendly group messaging format, and takes advantage of the same brain chemistry at work in social media apps. Forgive me, but it’s literally this simple: When reading becomes more engaging, students read more.

You can read more about our Literal App partnership here…

About Jim Warford

Jim Warford is the author of, The Chemistry of Culture: Strategies You Can Use to Create a Culture of Learning. For 15 years Jim Warford was Senior Advisor and Keynote Speaker for the International Center for Leadership in Education. Jim is an author, speaker, Leadership and Instructional Coach. He was named in March 2003 as Florida’s first Chancellor of K12 Public Schools. He stepped down in September, 2005 to become Executive Director of the Florida Association of School Administrators, representing over 10,000 Florida school leaders. As a Senior Advisor for the International Center for Leadership in Education, he works with states, districts and schools to provide coaching and executive training and support to school leaders and their staffs. As Florida’s Chancellor, he led the creation and state-wide implementation of Florida’s Continuous Improvement Model, FCIM, which resulted in that state’s dramatic gains in student achievement and an 80% reduction in the number low-performing schools. FCIM remains Florida’s required intervention for all low-performing schools. As Superintendent of the Marion County, Florida Public Schools, he first implemented the Continuous Improvement Model district-wide. As a result, school grades went from three “F”, eight “D” and only one “A” school in 1999 to twenty “A”, 16 “B” and no “F” schools in 2003. Under his leadership the high school dropout rate was cut in half. He taught applied technology courses at the high school level for 17 years and created a Computer Graphics/Video Production program that won many national and state awards. He was named Vanguard High School Teacher of the Year three separate times.
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