Rigor and Relevance in Asia

Rigor and Relevance in Asia

JimAsia2Recently I returned from doing extended work in Asia. This trip was one of the most unique and exciting learning experiences of my career. I was invited by the government of Taiwan to lead a conference on the Rigor and Relevance Framework® in Taipei.

For over 10 years I’ve been deeply committed to training educators in the Rigor and Relevance Framework®,4QuadsICLE created by Dr.  Bill Daggett, founder of the International Center for Leadership in Education. But this conference provided my first-ever opportunity to apply the Framework in a non-educational setting.

This extraordinary Rigor and Relevance Conference in Asia involved scientists, government officials, and college professors from Taiwan and Japan. It was sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency of Taiwan and the University of Taipei, but did not include K-12 educators. The essential question being addressed was how to balance the needs of growing their economy, while protecting the quality of the environment, a big issue in both Taiwan and Japan. JimAsia#

I was greatly impressed by the Chinese leaders’ deep understanding of the R/R Framework, and their special insight: that it could be used as a “theoretical framework” to guide, gage, and measure their country’s understanding and engagement with the Environmental Protection Agency’s agenda.

I’ve long believed the Rigor and Relevance Framework has useful application beyond the K-12 classroom. I want to thank my new Chinese colleagues and friends for making that belief a reality… and for translating our work into Mandarin. How exciting! And how validating.

I learned so much from this experience. My wonderful hosts, Professor Lee and his associate, Jackie Wang, were so thoughtful and kind. They graciously provided me tours of museums, historical sites, National Parks, and many delectable meals! Thank you. I learned much about your history, culture and environment.

I’m also grateful to Dr. Bill Daggett and the International Center for Leadership in Education for trusting me to carry their ideas to Asia. It was a journey I will long remember. JimAsia4

To find out more about the Conference you may visit http://rigorandrelevance.weebly.com/

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