Flipping the Class

Recently, the International Center for Leadership in Education, ICLE, held its 20th Annual Model Schools Conference in Orlando, FL. I have been a featured speaker for 8 years now and for the past 3, I’ve focused on the Flipped Class instructional model.

“Flipping the Class” is one of the most exciting Next Practices. In a flipped class, the lecture is delivered outside class time in videos students view as homework. Class time is used to apply the lecture content in problem-solving, project-based activities, with one-to-one or small group tutoring by the teacher. Students can watch the short lectures whenever they wish, as many times as they need, to grasp the content and come to class ready to work on collaborative projects.

Three years ago only a handful of people in my sessions had even heard of the concept. Last year, there was clearly more awareness and interest. This year each session was standing room only and the follow up has been amazing. I’ve heard from so many teachers through this blog and elsewhere that they’re going to begin flipping this coming year.

I hope that more of you will use this blog to stay in contact and share your experience with others. The list of resources is growing faster than our ability to keep up! It is an exciting time to be a teacher. With the new Common Core Standards and their focus on the application of knowledge, the project-based, problem-solving focus of the flipped class is the right model at the right time!

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